I bet before Carlos moved to Night Vale he used to regularly reinvent really useless household appliances all the time.

Like ‘Hey check this out it looks like a regular umbrella but it’s also COMPLETELY FIREPROOF’

and everyone would be like ‘Carlos why the hell would anyone NEED a…


"That was decades ago, Cecil! Anyway, we want to know what we can do to keep your business. We here at StrexCorp Synernists, Inc. are dedicated to the betterment of life through branding, social networking, and upbeat music."

Really wanted to draw this duo, and I have a feeling that they really loathe each other deep inside :p


Intern Dana - Palette 10

Lets all just pretend she’s standing in front of the blinking light, there was no red in this palette and I didn’t want to pretend. After all, we all know that all blinking lights are red.


i just got really sad right now because i remembered that computers are banned in night vale so that means Cecil doesn’t know tumblr beyond mobile blogging and i need a moment 


(Note: While this post discusses the recent doxxing of a well-known member of the Welcome To Night Vale fandom, I will not be using her real name at any point. While the name is undoubtedly known to many people, I nonetheless ask anyone reblogging or commenting on this post or related posts to practice similar discretion. The more distance she can put between her professional identity and the damaging false accusations made against her, the better.)

This post was created as part of a joint effort by several people. It was written by branwyn-says, and co-signed by some (but not all) of the people who have been personally affected by the situation. I created a new blog for this post, both to keep the bulk of the traffic away from my personal blog and so that other people could make posts on the subject at a later time, if they wished to. I apologize for any confusion created by my use of the passive voice, which I deemed necessary to protect people’s privacy.

The purpose of this post is to bring to light information that will hopefully prevent what happened to Tumblr user sodomquake from happening to anyone else. I will only present information that has been verified through screencaps or personal statements from multiple people involved.

This post concerns the actions of a particular Tumblr user, namely the individual who has admitted to creating the teethforlunch blog that doxxed sodomquake. After serious discussion with people who know this individual, we as a group have elected not to disclose their identity at this time. This decision was made in the interests of protecting vulnerable persons, and in the hopes that teethforlunch will choose to take a break from fandom for awhile and seriously consider the choices that led them to engage in behavior that has harmed many people. This post will be using they/their pronouns to refer to teethforlunch, not as a reflection of that person’s gender identity or personal pronoun choice, but simply to protect their privacy.

Our hope is that the information we are sharing will create a context for serious fandom discussions that address the way we engage one another when it comes to important matters such as social justice and accountability.


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Check in at TheMidwifeIsIn.tumblr.com if you have any other questions.

There is also the Abortion Pill (Mifepristone).  It can be taken up to 9 weeks (but is most effective up to 7 weeks and check the laws in your state). It is comparable to a miscarriage and after getting the intial dosage from your medical service provider, you take the rest at home and go through the process at home.

This is super important, valuable information that I think many people don’t know. Also, when you go to an abortion clinic (I at least know this is true for Planned Parenthood) there’s a counseling meeting where you discuss the alternatives with a doctor and sign a consent form saying that abortion is what you really want. A lot of people who oppose abortion will want to tell you that abortion clinics and reproductive health centers will try to convince you to have the abortion, but that’s just not true. (I mean, only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortions. Family planning and community health centers like Planned Parenthood are often more concerned with prevention and awareness and other aspects of health. They’re more interested in helping you have options than they are in only giving you the one.)

Nor is it true that any medical center will throw the embryo away in a dumpster after the procedure. I’m sure none of you really thought that, but slander is a vicious thing that spreads and becomes true in the eyes of those who want to believe it because it fits into their agenda.

Additionally: know your rights. When I worked at Planned Parenthood, I learned that protesters are not allowed to be in front of the building or in the parking lot. They have to stay on the sidewalk, further away from the building. They are not supposed to try to convince you not to go into the building, nor can they physically block you from going in or follow you inside. You have to be let in by someone already in the building, which means that any appointment you have there - counseling, a check-up, a mammogram, an abortion, a testing - will be confidential and safe.


I was doing homework but then Hermione showed up

Wtnv + trees